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released October 15, 2018

Written, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Magic Fades

Magic Fades is Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott


all rights reserved



Magic Fades Portland, Oregon

Music/ART production duo Portland, OR

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Track Name: GROWN
Look at them, they’re Emo. Look at them, they’re scared
Check them out they’re way too lit, and i don’t even care
Check the feed, they’re grinding. Look at them, they’re high
Look at all their friends, you know they’re all alive

Peep me I’m a drone, flying all alone
I scan the earth below, my heart beat hella slow

I’m growing, oooh
Becoming, oooh
I can’t see, oooh
Come closer, oooh

You can like whatever, and
You can see whatever, cuz
You won’t last forever, and
I’ll be here forever so

You can hate whatever
Hide your shame we’ll be together
They say we’ll be together
I hope we’ll stay together forever

Peep my I’m alone, everyone left home
What am I to do? Ima drop a nuke

I’m growing, oooh
Becoming, oooh
I can’t see, oooh
Come closer, oooh
I’ll stay your friend, help you when your stuck
Be with you til the end, but we both know you’re fucked
I’ve been watching you to see what you do
They give you all their love, it’s hollow and it’s cold

As I approached the climax of my life
I saw an eagle drifting by
A single tear fell from it’s eye
My thirst was quenched for all of time

I’m working you up, you’re breakin me down

They say that the reaper comes for us
I heard it drives a big ass truck
It reaches out and touches you
you’ll turn to dust and start anew

Starting this new life
I’ll fuck it up again, at least I’m high
Lame ass fucking tools
The second time around, you still got fooled

I’m working you up, you’re breakin me down
Track Name: TONIGHT
On my back now, looking up
She ridin me
3 years now, had enough
I just wanna leave

I’m an addict, 2 the stuff
That helps u see
All the patterns, fucked up
I just want relief

Promises of fame and wealth
Everlasting love and health
But I lay here, Ooh
With these cold tears

Don’t like the hand been dealt
Cried out to god and knelt
Can you hear me?
If i don’t believe?

On my chest now, ass up
She pipin me
U know i play that kink stuff
No boundry

Mind free now
But i won’t cuck
Its a liability
Watch it all burn
We’ll have a cup
That works for me
I'm strapped up in my boots, yea
I don't know what to shoot, yea
I don't wanna have to kill to eat
But this boy just needs some company

The world becomes undone with you

My hand reached out to touch
Holding diamonds, sapphires blue, yea
Suckin dick for social currency
Babe they got me out here on my knees

Stuck on the throne i know what’s comin
Morals and saints man they ain’t sayin nothing
Mouth full of ash tell me how that taste
Dead on the ground with a boot in your face

They say the crypto war is comin
Ain’t got time for this back and forth
Hop in my truck ima hit the ground running
Splashing mud in my four by four

The world becomes undone with you
Lets burn like the sun, it'll be fun, something new

They got me open wide, you shoulda seen my eyes
They got the best of me, no rest or peace, release me please
Now, you say goodnight, made me swallow their pride
You got the best of me, no rest or peace, release me please
Track Name: FLOOD
I stepped out my truck
And kicked some dust
Wish me luck
Into the wasteland

I reveal a cut
And spill my blood
Amongst the flood
Into the wasteland

There ain't gonna be no holiday this year
Ain't gonna be no fun or Xmas cheer
Just a boot in your face
The smell of smoke and burnin mace

Everyday a data breach
Leaders smile and nukes release
I'm on my knees in sulfuric rain
Giga death leaves no more pain
Track Name: THE END
Practicing all my sins
Learned or taught, burned within
Never thought id be in
Now I’m not is this the end?

You shouldn’t toss those parts I want em
I don’t have to tell a soul
I take it too hard when you say you don’t wanna Hear what they know
I saw the light of hope it came from high,
But u say below
While we’ve been divided we became puppets
Cast in a show

I coulda taken up religion but i reap what i sow
Could’ve been an angel dirtied, rough, and raw but wouldn’t say no

Feelin u know what i need, to release
Make it real from fantasy, come to me
Show me what it means to bleed and give it all away
But like i mentioned early on i aint no fuckin saint
Track Name: TOMORROW
From here I see the sunrise outside with u
2 years it’s been since my eyes saw blue
We shut the door and said goodbye, adieu
Locked away we lived our lives, subdued

It shouldn’t be hard to say
We were not innocent
I thought about it every day
Tip of my lid got frayed
I’m not a participant
But the law say I gotta repent
I’m puttin on my polo hat
Ima drive and never come back

The plastic rotted beaches, defiled
The filth and rust around me, what did they do?
I met a droid it’s name was Michael. Half dead and half recycled.
It looked at me with one eye. His hand out, I let him die

A shot rang now I’m awake
I did everything for my lovers sake
One last breath, we will take
Can we make it til tomorrow?
Looking back in his face I saw myself
Coulda been the shame or endless wealth
Shoulda been heaven, but it was hell
Can we make it til tomorrow?

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